Realizing this is one of the most important events of your life, Chuck meticulously takes these steps:
*Always available for personal   meetings
*A thorough, yet easy reception 
planner for smooth continuity
*Personalizes music format
*Always prepared with backup equipment
*Acquiants himself with all MC         duties: timeline, agenda planner, bridal party, special guests, etc.   
*Coordinates with wedding            party, vendors, and additional    entertainers

Quote from wedding article:
" The best way to have a HORRIBLE reception is to call every DJ/MC  in the phone book, ask just their price, and hire the DJ with the lowest price. This happens more than it should, and a newlywed’s special day is ruined because they spent more on their cake than their entertainment! It has been said that your entertainment is responsible for over 80% of the success of your entire wedding day."
Note: The best DJs are always online, so your song requests are ALWAYS available!